Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (OTCQB: PBIO): Capping 2012 in High Style

Pressure BioSciences compares to Agilent Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:A), Life Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ:LIFE) and Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (NYSE:TMO) as they are all leading providers of important sample preparation or analytical mass spectrometry equipment, which is widely used in the analysis of small molecules including proteins, DNA and RNA.

Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBI) (OTCQB: PBIO), currently trading at $0.30 per share with a market cap of $3.51 million, began operations in mid-2007 out of Massachusetts. Since then, they have focused on the development, marketing and sales of proprietary lab instruments and related consumables based on their patented, powerful technology platform called Pressure Cycling Technology (PCT). With their Barocycler instruments, consumable products (processing reaction tubes and isolation kits that put molecules into workable states for a wide variety of lab applications), and their increasingly impressive sales record, PBIO broke through in 2012. Let us count the ways that this promising small cap ended the year in high style.

1)      Sales and Revenue – At first glance, it may seem like the sales of Pressure BioSciences’ implicitly technical product line would be fated to plateau after fulfilling the demand of a few niche industries in the sample preparation market. However, PCT can prepare valuable samples for a whole spectrum of purposes and industries including FBI forensics, counter-bioterrorism, soil biology, plant biology, histology, vaccine development and bio-therapeutics characterization amongst others. All in all, these fields add up to an estimated $6 billion life sciences sample preparation market, which may help explain PBIO’s climb over the last year. The sales of PCT products and services increased 37 percent for the third quarter. Sales of PCT-based consumables were up 33 percent, and total revenue saw a jump of 40 percent. In addition, operating loss, cash burn and loss per common share all went down. Joseph L. Damasio, Vice President of Finance and Administration, said, “We worked hard to increase revenue while reducing our operating loss, with evident success for both. On the financing side, we received approximately $600,000 in short-term loans from five investors during the third quarter, including two members of the Board of Directors. We are very pleased with our financial performance for both the third quarter and the year-to-date period ending September 30, 2012.”

2)      New Blood – Nothing keeps a company edgy and competitive like new blood and fresh ideas. As its momentum grew, PBIO recruited investment banking veteran Conrad Mir as their new Chief Financial Officer to raise funds in a quick and efficient way. Mr. Mir had this to say: “I look forward to being a part of the management team at Pressure BioSciences. It is my intent to help develop and implement a sustainable fiscal road map that can increase shareholder value by supporting continued growth, particularly in the marketing and sales area. I am grateful for the opportunity to help define the Company’s future.”

3)      Strategic Partnership – On November 26, PBIO and Constant Systems Ltd. announced that the two companies have entered into a two-way, strategic marketing, selling and distribution agreement until December 31, 2013 at the very least.  Under the terms of the Agreement, PBI has been awarded non-exclusive rights to market, sell, and distribute CS’s unique, high pressure cell disruption equipment and consumables in the United States, Canada, and Mexico while CS has been awarded the rights to market, sell, and distribute PCT based instruments and consumables in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Singapore.  This expands PBIO’s coverage to 12 new countries, and neither company has qualms about sharing booths at trade shows or combining ads, webcasts and email campaigns.

4)      Cole-Parmer Agreement – Most importantly, however, PBIO now has shared interests with Thermo Fisher (TMO) – a world leader in science service with revenues of approximately $12 billion. In early November, Thermo Fisher subsidiary, Cole-Parmer, announced an agreement to carry PBIO’s Shredder SG3 system for purchase on its Web site. For Cole-Parmer, the benefit is the instrument itself. The PBI Shredder SG3 System is ideal for the extraction of DNA, RNA, protein, mitochondria and small molecules while maximizing safety and sample integrity. The device offers a uniquely closed system for preparing samples compared to its competitors that are generally open systems. For PBIO, the benefits of this momentous agreement are more obvious: Cole-Parmer happens to be one of the world’s largest and most recognized distributors of lab equipment and supplies.  This means increased visibility for PBIO’s superior product line as well as boosted sales as Cole-Parmer’s catalogs land in the hands of laboratory scientists all over the globe.

Other successes in 2012 included: strategic partnerships with LEAP Technologies, Sage-N Research, and Valco Instruments; expanded license agreement and collaboration with cancer management company Target Discovery; collaboration with world-famous forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee; and the presentation of important data generated using PBI’s instruments by scientists from a number of leading institutions, including UCLA, University of North Texas, the FDA, Janssen (a J&J company), Cernomics Solutions, and Florida International University.,

So, as PBIO takes the reins for 2013, investors should take notice. When it comes to PBIO’s potential, the sky is the limit. For more information, please visit


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